Not Something I Would Do, Even in the 70s.

Mom: Watcha up to?
Me: listening to my loggins and messina lps and smoking pot
Mom: That is not ok.
Me: sorry mama :(
Mom: I’m disappointed in the decisions you are making. That’s something not even I would do, not even in the 70s.
Me: what are you talking about!?!? you smoked so much pot!
Mom: I mean the Loggins & Messina.  That is just so uncool.

Expiration Dates Mean Nothing to this Woman

This morning I was returning my spices to the new kitchen (very exciting) and I noticed a bottle of “mace” from the A n P Tea Company. The very source of of the legendary celery salt which met its demise a year or two ago. Well, the expiration date on the mace is October 17, 1975. It had been priced at $.99 but it was purchased (reduced for quick sale) for $.50.

Now if you are wondering what one does with mace. About 1.8 to 1/4 teaspoon go in an old fashioned pound cake. i might be able to get 6 more cakes out of this bottle!

I love both of you,

Love, Mom
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