music is my only companion noww!

Backstory: My mom’s office is located directly below my bedroom, and after listening to one of my showering mixes, she fell in love with the band “the rasmus” and has one of their songs up all the way. so, i’m sitting in my room, minding my own business, when all of a sudden…

mom: i love this band
me: haha, well good!
mom: like seriously love them, can i marry all of them?
me: uhmmm.. okay! but can you turn it down? i have a headache.
mom: sorry, can’t hear you. what?
me: you don’t need to hear me! you’re reading the screen!
mom: oh my goodness! i just went blind! nooo! music is my only companion noww!
me: you suck. a lot.
mom: love you too. :)

Love, Mom