Urgent SNL Questions

OK, two questions:
has Tina Fey had breast implants? It was strange to see her staged so sexily…
Justin Bieber? The new kid on the block? I admit, I’d never heard of him. Usher discovered him on youtube? huh? probably not only teen girls who have the hots for him…\’night

Kate Winslet is a dope.

Backstory: I asked my Mom how things were at home, with the family, and this is the update I get.

Saw the Golden Globes…. Lots and lots and lots of grey and flesh colored chiffony one shouldered gowns. Lots and lots and lots. Kate Winslet is a dope.  Tina Fey , Alec Baldwin (what a hoot he is-must be smart) Ricky Gervais and Tracey (black guy on 30 Rock) were so funny and apt and cute. Mickey ROurke was shockingly sober and on the mark as far as being thankful, appropriate, a bit funny, a bit irreverent and thorough.  I thought he was much more of a derelict.
The other English girl was like Kate Winslet – too overwrought…
Oh my god, I can’t belive this, I should stop talking . again and again and again.
now I am watching endless hours of taped On the REd Carpet specials on every conceivable network. And of course watching illegal tapes of Academy Award still-in=the=theater movies.
I will send you e-mailsssssssssssssss.

Double Duh!

mom: your dad just went to get your brother – should be back any sec – tina fey / office tonight

me: her show is called 30 rock, mom.
…: heh

mom: duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me: did you know oprah was guest starring on it tonight?

mom: double duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me: just checking

mom: nam


mom: “not a moron”

Love, Mom