Travel Woes

Backstory: Here’s an email exchange between my sister and my mom. My sister had been scrambling around looking for my mom’s boarding passes but my mom eventually found them.

As u can see all is well. Found the damn voucher inside my boarding pass. Thank u douches for your kind response to my dilema.


International Travels

Backstory: This is what my mom e-mailed me from London.

I always look at the Burger King and think of you!

Something to Look Forward to

Me: Did you remember to change our Comfort Inn reservation for the trip back?
Mom: No – thanks.  I’ll do that right  now
Mom: I can’t find it.  Did I send you the itinerary?
Me: yes
omg and you made it for kingsville
not waco
Mom: Ha ha.  You’ll be old and dim and have saggy upper arms some day.

Depending on My World Traveler

Backstory: My parents live half an hour from New York City and my mom grew up in northern Jersey.

The show is at 2PM so we can go in early and “hang”. You know that I am scared of New York City, so I am depending on you, my world traveller, to guide me!!! Just kidding…not really. Seriously, it should be so much fun. Have we ever done this before? Does this count as going outside my comfort zone?

Let Me Google That For You…

mom: where are the rub n tug places here in london
me: i have no idea lol
mom: oh, i thought you knew. can you google

Oy friggin vey.

Well I just came back from the bathroom where a woman tried to pick me up. She said she had seen me get on the train and thought I was very put together and attractive. I was scared and ran back to Dad. I am now afraid to leave my seat. I guess anyone in Portland who puts lipstick on and wears a dress is attractive! Oy friggin vey.

Fleeing The Empty Nest

dadums and i are actually leaving town!!!!!!!! i know, it’s hard to take in. well, the deal is that we are going to check out jim thorpe, pa (you know, the little town that dad has been going on about). we will depart the cul-de-sac on december 29th and return a whopping day later, on december 30th. i’m actually fine with that. we are staying at the posh jim thorpe inn (i insisted on the ‘deluxe room’)(spa facilities — yes, i’ll be getting one! i tried to talk daddy into one but he refused).

don’t hate us cause we’re travelers.

xoxo momma xoxox


Well i have 2 more bookkeeping clients to finish, then i have to go home and make a kranz, clean the floor again, make your bed, cover the presents in my closet, clean my bathroom, and watch your flight online. lol.  kinda like a package arriving.  I WILL BE TRACKING YOU.

Love, Mom
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