Show and…Vibe?

Mom: I’d thought about buying a netbook, but I’ve decided against it. I think I’ll be fine with my iPhone.
Me: I think you’d get a lot of use out of a netbook. A guy in my Media & Society class brought his in for show & tell & he really likes it.
Mom: Oh really? What’d you bring…. Your vibrator?

Headache Solution: Vibrator

Backstory: This came from my very Southern Baptist, anti sex mother while I was on Spring Break.

mom: do you have a vibrator?
me: ummmm no. random much?
mom: i need one, i have a headache.
me: omg i seriously did not need to know that’s what you do for headaches
mom: what? it’s a sinus headache. if you put the vibrator up to your head sometimes it can break up all the gunk and relieve your headache. what did you think i was doing?

There’s An App for THAT?

Mom: C’mon, I know there’s no vibrator app for your i-phone!

Me: There is! It’s called myvibe. I think it’s hilarious.

Mom: Seriously??

Me: Yeah. Google it. Isn’t that crazy?

Mom: Really!  I can’t imagine that anyone would want that – while you’re driving – isn’t that more distracting than texting??

When Dad’s Away Mom Will Play (With Herself)

I found my Mom’s vibrator when I was really young and I didn’t know what it was. Years later we talked about it. Online.

me: Yes! I found it in the your vanity drawer when I was looking for costume jewelry! I didn’t even think that you would have one.

Mom: Well, your dad traveled a lot when you were little.

me: whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!!?!? ew

Love, Mom