Big Wind, Wrong Pants

Good morning, sweetie:

How was the rest of your weekend (after the slightly strange call Fri nite) ?  What was that all about anyways ?  Just sitting around recalling false memories ? I am soooo tired, up since 3 AM, we had big winds (the rest of Ike, I guess), power out.  The wind was so loud we could not sleep.  I am at work, in the wrong pants – looked like the right ones by flashlight !  My hair is interesting, as all I could do was kinda wet it down with my hands.  Luckily we did not have any damage that we could see. Just a bunch of stuff in the yard blown around, and a bright blue tarp that we are not sure where it came from !  Wow, what a night !

Love you,


Hurricane Preparedness

Oh my gosh, we don’t have enough beer!  Dad made sure the generator’s working because we must have cold beer.  Movies – we have a stack of movies we got illegally copied so we’re set.  Bread & water who needs that!  Thanks for keeping us up to date.  Here I thought I’d left the hurricane danger and it followed me all the way to TEXAS!

Heat-related Advice

Hi, sweetie –

So what has happened to our Scrabble game?

Also, what’s up with Michele?  Everything I send her comes back – “invalid  recipient”.  What’s with that?  Does she have a new email address? If so, please send it to me – I sent her an ecard for her birthday, which she never got, of course.

Hot as the devil, still.  A lot of people lost power last week and have really been suffering, so we shouldn’t complain too much, I guess.  And you are hotter still, poor baby.  Remember, baby powder prevents chafing.

Love you,



Dad and I saw Sara today and she will give us a picnic table and grill for Skylight. Plus a lot of beach stuff: chairs, umbrellas, inner tube, etc.  she is very nice. She is so much like her mom, it is strange. But her eyes are bigger.which is nice! Snowed a little tonight. We went to clean the office.

love you

Mom and dad
Ps are working on wills. Is there anything either of you specifically want mentioned?

Who wants the silver, the dishes, the ring, the gold locket or bracelet? The tiffany-style lamp, the grandfather clock, the oriental rugs? What do you specifically not want?

Cold Weather Inspiration

Barb never mentioned the china cabinet.  It just came to me at 5:40 a.m. this a.m. when I was having coffee on the porch in my snow suit.

Love, Mom