Facing Some Hard Wii Fit Facts

I’m fat.

The Wii says I gained 2.5 pounds in the last 3 weeks and that I should lose 12 pounds to be healthy! I bought myself a pair of jeans from Penney’s like the ones you have. I have a muffin top in them. Yuck!!!!!!

I’m going to go buy an exercise bike this weekend. Maybe if it’s staring at me every day I’ll use it

Who can ask for anything more?

Mom: In a month it will be Christmas Eve! Last night I came up with the idea of a Wii system for our gift to ourselves. Then we will be able to exercise and have fun and be in the air conditioning. Who can ask for anything more? Dad will be researching.
Me: Oooh, love that idea! Do you mean the Wii Fit, with the pad that you stand on, or just the regular things that you hold in your hands?
Mom: I have no idea. I thought I was being way cool just to come up with the general theme. Now you want specifics! Get out of hereā€¦

Love, Mom