Old Friends Are the Best Friends

Backstory: my mum is getting new kitchen and was discussing it with her best friend, with whom she shares a passion for wine and cava. I got this text from her shortly after. Also, my mum had just gotten over a bout of flu.

I asked Linda whether to get a 6 or 12 bottle wine fridge. Her reply – “Well if that ain’t the dumbest question i ever heard. Must be 12. Need room for special occasion fizz, supply of day to day fizz and small corner to squeeze in a couple of bottles of the flat stuff. You are clearly still in a weakened state from the swine flu” I love my friend.

Sis Is In High Priss Form

Mom: Warning: sis is in high priss form.
Me: Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!
Mom: Yes, darling, that’s it exactly. Just be prepared. No one is smarter about food, excercise and anything else. Maybe we can stuff her full of carbs and wine and calm her down!

Love, Mom