Your Dad Is Gross

Your dad is gross: like this is new news to us. He just got back from a long run and was in the laundry room. He bent over to pick something up sweat came out of his sleeve. Did it drip out? Of course not, it squirted out like a grapefruit!! The things you miss while you are away :)


My Leisure Suit Is Jade Green

Backstory: My Gran is 83 years old and has just taken it upon herself to get fit. Hence ‘gentle movement to music.’

I’ve to tell you about my new keep fit class. It’s called ‘Gentle Movement to Music’!! I thought it would be like my League of health & Beauty which I did years ago – sort of waltzing and waving our arms about and breathing etc….. NO We’re certainly moving to music – but it’s MODERN music and we’ve to do movements like ‘The Shadows’ only fast and move
in boxes and back and forth and our arms side to side and up and down AND try to breathe at the same time !!!

Oh lord – I was sweating something awful (and I don’t sweat) The teacher is a wee slim thing and moves about like a snake and, of course, I was trying to do the same ( HELP )

I’m knackered. I’ve got new trainers ( Nike ) and a new ‘ leisure suit’ – a vision of loveliness !!! But , as I told Mum, if you meet me you don’t even have to let on that you know me !!! My leisure suit is jade green and my trainers are bright white and pink – Mum says ‘Grannybal’s gone mental’

Full of Life :o)

Me: Mom I’ve gained soo much weight in the past months. I need to start working out, or maybe just starve myself.
Mom: Sweetie, no you’re fine. You’re just full of Life :o)

Workout Advice

Can you teach me how to use the elliptical over the phone?  I want to get wild and kick up my workout.

Love, Mom