I ordered tickets to see Bob Dylan on August 13th as a present for Bob. Chances are that the tickets will be mailed to me at home, in an envelope that says “ticketmaster.”

Maybe you can claim that I bought them for you and that you and Dana are going to some concert in August? How about the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival in Camden on August 15th? FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH IS PLAYING!!!

Also, can you get that night off? Johnny needs a sitter. It is a Wednesday.


The Grown-Ass Woman’s Club

Friday I’m doing something fun as well. Joan and I are starting a club called The Grown-Ass Woman’s Club. Our mascot is Gert Boyle (One Tough Mother) from Columbia Wear. Your stepfather is making fun of us but I think he’s just petty and jealous. I finally told him to shut up. That’s what GAW do when they are confronted with negativity.  One of  our field trips is going to be on a Saturday and we’re going to find those Red Hat Ladies and shove them down. They’re ridiculous and need to be eliminated.

Love, Mom